The benefits of ZEYF Membership extend beyond being part of a wide community of youth driven to understand and contribute to the well-being of Zimbabwe. Member benefits range from announcements of career and personal development opportunities, mentorship, workshops, networking, getting connected to partners from public and private institutions as well as volunteering and giving back to the community through acts of community service. Through ZEYF, Members are empowered and supported to be in a position where they can know more about the state of the economy as well as ways in which they can make the best use of their skills.

Networking & Events
ZEYF connects members to a growing community of individuals, companies and organisations. This network can be accessed through conferences, workshops, competitions, webinars and engagement on our social media pages.

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If you are interested in serving as a Chapter Officer and developing your leadership skill then please contact for more information (Subject Line: CO – City)

Please follow our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter in order to stay updated on our community service projects. If you have any projects you would like to organise in partnership with ZEYF please email (Subject Line: Community Service)